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Double Dealer and Copper Dogtag
Our Price: $75.00

The December 2014- January 2015 deal of the month includes a Double Dealer v2 and a Copper A/S Dogtag.

The Double Dealer v2 had been upgraded with a redesigned and skeletonized handle. This deal includes a black handle wrap.
The Dogtag is Solid Copper with a positive of our logo etched into it. The Dogtags are made in collaboration with GPI-EDC

This is your first chance to get a double Dealer v2

Bottle Axe
Our Price: $99.00

The Bottle Axe EDC tool is here for all of your badass Viking style bottle opening needs. This badass piece of equipment contains a bottle opener, a 1/4" bit driver, and a pry bar. This is a pre order, we expect the run to take about 5-6 weeks to produce. Only 30 area available in this run.

6AL-4V Titanium
.187" Thick
5" OAL

Logo V1, OD Green & Gray
Our Price: $20.00

Here is your chance to get in on the first run of A-Sol T-Shirts. Show your friends, your family, and your enemies how much of an A-Sol you are by sporting our first wearable fabric swag. This pre order will be open for 2 weeks, then the order will be sent to the printer. General turn around time is 3 weeks from then So we expect to ship sometime in November.

Printed on Gildan 100% Cotton T-Shirts