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Refunds and Returns

Can I get a refund because of the wait?

The average wait times are as follows:
Production Items- 6 Months
Custom Items- 12 Months
Swag Items- 2 Months
Finished Items- 2 Weeks

The process can take up to twice the average wait time. If we have not been able to deliver your order after twice the average wait period has passed, then we will issue a full refund upon request.

I changed my mind and no longer want the knife I ordered, can I have a refund?

If you contact us about cancellation within 10 days of placing your order you are eligible for a full refund. After that you will only receive half of the money back unless we have exceeded the time limit as described above. This is because we still have to recoup the cost of the materials and time spent on your order.

This does not apply to products that have already shipped before you cancel. If you wish to cancel an item that is in stock when you order it, then you must cancel before the item is shipped to be eligible for a refund.

How do I return an item for a warranty repair or replacement?

If your item is damaged in a way that is covered under the warranty please contact us and we will get the repair/replacement process started. You shall be responsible for the costs of shipping the product back to us. We shall be responsible for the costs of shipping the product back to you.


All warrant able products ordered from us are covered by a full lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Defective products will be repaired or reworked as best as possible. If a product is deemed beyond repair by us, then it will be replaced either with a like blade (if available), a different blade of equal value, or store credit. You will be contacted with information and options before any of the previously stated actions are taken.

This warranty covers breakage or unusual damage only when the product is being used in an appropriate manner within it's designed scope.

If a product is broken or damaged because it was used in a manner outside of its designed scope, then it shall not be covered under this warranty. This clause specifically applies to damage caused by throwing any product not specifically designed to be thrown. Products designed to be thrown will be described as such on their product pages.

This warranty does not cover any product that has been altered in any way.

This warranty does not cover the actions portrayed in any "Torture Test" videos or other media depicting our products being used outside of their designed scope. This media is specifically designed to show what it takes to break our products.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by improper maintenance of the product. You are responsible for properly maintaining all products ordered.

This warranty does not cover loss of any product.

This warranty covers all items until the time of their initial delivery to the shipping address given by the customer. If an item is lost or damaged before being delivered, then we will repair or replace it.
-This clause does not apply to international items that are seized by customs or any other authority.
-This clause does not apply to any item that is seized because of legal reasons.

This warranty does not cover the following items beyond the time of their initial delivery: sheaths, clothing, consumable items, or any other item that is not specified as a warrant able item.

Warrant able products include the following: blades, handles of blades, and tools.


Any blade ordered directly from us can be sent back for sharpening for the life of the product.

Before sending in any product for resharpening you must contact us beforehand to receive shipping instructions.

You are responsible for all shipping, packaging, and insurance costs for both directions of shipping the product.


You are responsible for keeping the shipping address up to date on your order. The address can be changed by logging into your account and altering your order details. If there is a problem with this process contact us and make sure to get confirmation of the change.

We will ship to the address listed on your order. If you change address and fail to update your order we will not replace your product.

If your order is lost in transit after shipping, then contact us and we will check the tracking information. If your package was lost in shipping, then we will contact the shipper and attempt to find your package. If your package cannot be located, then we will replace it. If your package is listed as delivered by the shipper, then it is your responsibility. We will not replace or refund orders that are marked as delivered to the address that you provided.

You are responsible for checking laws for your area that might affect delivery of your order.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS- If your order is seized in whole or in part by customs or any other authority we will not replace it or give you a refund. You are responsible for checking your laws. We will not falsify any paperwork.

Warning & Disclaimer

Every blade that comes from us is very sharp and should be treated as such.

Make sure to learn how to properly maintain a knife. Knives will get dull quickly and they will rust if they are not properly maintained.

By agreeing to these terms and ordering a product the customer agrees to the following conditions.

-The customer accepts all responsibility to handle the product safely and prudently.

-The customer agrees not to use the product for any illegal purposes.

-The customer has checked all local laws concerning ownership of the product.

-The customer accepts all responsibility for any actions taken by the customer or others with the product, and any consequences resulting from the poducts use.


Send any questions about your order to

Only those items and/or features specifically listed in the product description of any ordered product will be included when shipped. Specifically, sheaths will not include mounting hardware unless stated otherwise in the product description.

By agreeing to these terms you certify that you agree to all terms and conditions listed on this page.

By agreeing to these terms you certify that you have read and agree to any information located on the category page/s and product page of any product that you order.

Any or all of the terms on this page, or any other page are subject to change at any time, and any changes shall apply retroactively.