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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our books are currently closed to new orders on stock items. They will show as Out of Stock for the time being. We will still have one of a kind items available regularly. Join the facebook group to keep up to date on what is available at the link below.

A-Sol Nation Facebook Group


You have arrived in the A-Sol Nation. Here you will find all of the blades and whatnot that we make.

Our different production and one off items are listed on the left.

-"Every Blade" contains every blade, because of course it does. Go there if you just want to see everything regardless of who designed it.
-"A-Sol Production Blades" are ones that we designed together.
-The other blades are listed under the name of their designer.
-"Badass Swag" contains patches, shirts, edc tools, pendants, and anything else we make that isn't a knife of some sort.

Go forth. Frolic around the site. Buy something, it will make you cooler.

The current average wait times are as follows:
Production Items- 6 Months
Custom Items- 12 Months
Swag Items- 2 Months
Finished Items- 2 Weeks